Italy, Switzerland, Germany and Spain got their first victories in Mieres

No surprises in the first day of the U-17 Championship, even if Andorra and Austria made it difficult for their opponents.


Photo by Gordon Morrison
Photo by Gordon Morrison

In the city of Mieres, the 35th U-17 Male Championship started today in a very hot sportshall where the 10 national teams will play the 30 scheduled match untill the final on next saturday.
From today to thursday, the teams will play the group stage after which the first two teams of each group will struggle for the title, while the others for the position from the 5th to the 10th.
Today, Italy, Switzerland, Germany and Spain obtained clear victories and now lead the groups in pairs. Portugal and France did’n play today and will be in the rink tomorrow for the first time.

Italy – Andorra 7-2
Germany – Austria 8-1
Standing: Germany and Italy 3 points, Andorra, Austria and Portugal 0 points (Portugal didn’t played yet)
Switzerland – Israel 10-3
Spain – England 15-1
Standing: Switzerland and Spain 3 point, Israel, England and France 0 point (France did’n played yet)

SCHEDULE OF TOMORROW (Monday, September 5th)
3.00 PM CET – Group A – Italy vs Germany
5.00 PM CET – Group B – France vs Israel
7.00 PM CET – Group A – Portugal vs Andorra
9.00 PM CET – Group B – Spain vs Switzerland