Portugal-France and Spain-Germany are the semifinals of the Euro U-17

Portugal eliminated Italy after a dramatic game, decided in the last minute. France won the head-to-head match with Switzerland. 

Photo by Gordon Morrison
Photo by Gordon Morrison

The last day of the group stage completed the board of the semifinals with the qualifications of Portugal, Germany and France that reached Spain, already qualified since two days. The ties of the semifinals are Spain-Germany (at 7.00 PM) and Portugal-France (at 9.00 PM).
The Group A ended with an amazing game between Portugal and Italy. The italian team needed a victory to qualify and tried everithing to get it. In the last minute of the game, with the result tied 2-2, Italy failed a direct shot while Portugal scored its own lasting 15″ to the end of the match and got its 4th victory in a row.
In group B, the head-to head match between France and Switzerland ended with a clear victory for the “bleus” so that France ended at the second place of the group.
Starting from tomorrow, the Championship split in three. Austria and Israel will play for the 9th and 10th position through a two-game tie. Andorra, Switzerland, Italy and England will play for the places from 5th to 8th through a knockout tournement while Spain, Germany, Portugal an France will play semifinals and finals for medals.

Andorra – Austria 1-1
Italy – Portugal 2-3
Final standing: Portugal 12 points, Germany 9, Italy 6, Andorra 3, Austria 0
Israel – England 3-6
Switzerland – France 0-6
Final standing: Spain 12 points, France 9, Switzerland 6, England 3, Israel 0.

SCHEDULE OF TOMORROW (Friday, September 9th)
Final 9th/10th place – first leg
1.00 PM CET – Israel vs Austria
Semifinals 5th/8th place
3.00 PM CET – Andorra vs Switzerland
5.00 PM CET – Italy vs England
Semifinals 1st/4th place
7.00 PM CET – Spain vs Germany
9.00 PM CET – Portugal vs France
All the matches will be broadcasted live on Cerh TV (www.cerh.eu)