Italy-Portugal is the final of the U20 Euro Championship in Pully

Photo by Marzia Cattini
Photo by Marzia Cattini

Two amazing semifinals qualified to the final the defending champion (4-1 to Spain) and Italy that won against France thanks to the golden goal scored by Compagno.

Italy and Portugal will play for the gold medal, France and Spain for the bronze. These are the verdicts of the semifinals of the 50th U20 European Championship ongoing in Pully.
Both the semifinals were very balanced. France and Italy went to the extra time when Italy completed its comeback after France beeing gone ahead 2-0 with two scores by Roberto Di Benedetto. Italy found in Francesco Compagno its “man of the match”; the forward scored the three point with which Italy won the game: on at the end of the 1st half, one in the second and the “golden goal” that closed the 1st semifinal.
In the last game of the day, Portugal defeated Spain 4-1, but the match has been much more balanced than the final result says. Spain tried all game long to beat the portuguese goalkeeper, one of the best players of this championship, without succeeding. In the meantime, Portugal increased its advantage and entered the final. Saturday night, the defending champion will try to win its 5th European title in a row.
Before the two semifinals, the other teams participating in the championship played for the places from the 5th to the 8th. Switzerland surprised Andorra and overturned the odds winning the game 1-0 at the extra time. The home team will play for the 5th place against Germany which defeated England at the end of a very balanced game.
Tomorrow, Saturday October 29, the last four games will determine the final ranking of the championship. Curiosity: all the game scheduled tomorrow opposes teams that have already played against in the group stage.

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Semifinals 5°/8° place
England-Germany 2-3
Andorra-Switzerland 0-1 (golden goal)
Semifinal 1°/4° place
France-Italy 2-3 (golden goal)
Spain-Portugal 1-4

SCHEDULE OF TOMORROW – FINALS – Saturday, October 29.
Final 7°/8° place
14.30 – England vs Andorra
Final 5°/6° place
16.30 – Germany vs Switzerland
Final 3°/4° place
18.30 – France vs Spain
Final 1°/2° place
20.30 – Italy vs Portugal
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