Spain vs France and Portugal vs Italy are the semifinals of the 36th U17 European Championship in Fanano

The group stage ended yesterday night in Fanano, defining the pairings of the knock out phase that, today and tomorrow, will assign the title of 2017 U17 European Championship.
Spain and Portugal won their groups. The defending champion already got the 1st place in group A after winning against Italy on Wednesday. Portugal achieved its target yesterday night after a stunning victory against France (7-0).
Due to this result, the semifinals will be Spain-France (at 7.00 PM) and Portugal-Italy (alt 9.00 PM).
In group A, the historical victory of Israel against England (the first for Israel in a stage group) made England, Germany and Israel itself to end with 3 points in the standing. Due to the results in head-to head matches, England classified as 3rd, Germany as 4th and Israel as 5th.
In group B, Switzerland defeated Austria, but the result of 3-1 wasn’t enough to pass Andorra; so, Andorra qualified as 3rd and Switzerland as 4th.

Today is the day of the semi-finals. Starting from 1.00 PM, all the ten teams will play to get the better position in the final standings. 
Austria and Israel will compete for the 9th and 10th position in two games (one today and the other tomorrow). England, Germany, Andorra and Switzerland will play for the places between 5th and 8th, while Spain, Portugal, Italy and France run for the title.

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Group A
England – Israel 1-3
Spain – Germany 13-1
Standing: Spain 12 Italy 9, England, Germany and Israel 3.

Group B
Austria – Switzerland 1-3
Portugal – France 7-0
Standing: Portugal 12, France 9, Andorra and Switzerland 4, Austria 0.

Final 9th/10th place – 1st leg 
1.00 PM – Israel vs Austria

Semifinals 5th/8th place
3.00 PM – Germany vs Andorra
5.00 PM – England vs Switzerland

Semifinals 1st/4th place
7.00 PM – Spain vs France
9.00 PM – Portugal vs Italy

All the games will be live on Cerh TV ( and on Fisr TV (
Spain-France and Portugal vs Italy will be live on satellite TV TRC SAT (In Italy: Sky 827 – Free on air all over Europe on Hotbird 13E).