50 media accreditations for Final Four CERS Cup in Lleida

Less then 30 hours from the start of the 38th edition of Final Four CERS Cup. It will be already a great #f4okcers . The number of the accreditations are the highest of the recent history of the competition: 50 confirmed media accreditations. An huge media coverage we will expect in social networks with the hashtag #f4okcers #okcers and in the biggest european website of rink-hockey. 18 will be the photographers, 6 radio broadcaster. The entire TV production will be realized by TV3 Catalunya, that it will be broadcast LIVE all the matches thorugh Esports3. For Portugal, RTP2 will broadcast Barcelos’ matches.

We remind you to follow the Preview of Final Four this evening from 19.00 (CET Time) in Pavello Onze de Setembre, live through our Youtube Channel www.youtube.com/cerhtv.

All the Live Press Conference will be broadcasted in  our Youtube Channel, instead Live Flash Interviews and Live videos and updated from the rink in our Social Network, Facebook and Twitter.

Follow the list of the media accreditated in Lleida.

Press office from Voltrega, Lleida y RFEP
Diari ARA
Hockey Catedra
Roller Hockey Photos
Catalunya Radio
Asociacion Espanola desportiva
Barcelos Popular (Portugal)
La avanguardia
L’esportiu de Catalunya
Lusa (Portugal)
Hoquei Minhoto
Radio Cavado de Barcelos (Portugal)
O Minho Desportivo (Portugal)
Radio Ponent (Portugal)
El Nou
Radio Terra
La Manana
Diari La Ciutat
Lleida Televisio