Cers-RH sponsorships with Roll Skater and Swift Technology

The Cers Rink Hockey Committee informs that new sponsorships have been signed this week with two relevant companies producing technical stuff for rink hockey.
Cers-RH extended the existing agreement with the Italian firm Roll Skater (http://www.rollskater.com/) that will be partner of the European Rink Hockey until 2020 and signed a new contract with the new Portuguese brand Swift Technology (http://swifthockey.pt). 
The partenership with Swift Technology will be presented in a press conference scheduled on Saturday, July 14 at noon at the Riazor Sports hall in A Coruña (Spain) during the Male Senior European Championship. Swift will provide the official balls to be used in every European competition during the next two seasons 2018-2019 and 2019-2020.