The Male Senior European Championship presented in A Coruña

The 53rd edition of the Senior Male European Championship of Rink Hockey has been presented on Thursday in the City Hall of A Coruña, the Spanish city where the Championship will be celebrated next July, from Saturday 14 to Sunday 22.
Many local and European authorities were present at the event. Among them, the Sport Councilor of the City of A Coruña Mr. José Manuel Sande, the President of the Spanish Federation of Skating and Chairman of the World Skate Rink Hockey Technical Committee Mr. Carmelo Paniagua, the President of European Rink Hockey Committee (Cers-RH) Mr. Fernando Graça and the president of the Galician Federation of Skating Mr. Vicente Torres.
Mr. José Manuel Sande welcomed everybody and then Mr. Paniagua thanked the City of A Coruña for its collaboration, together with the Galician Federation end the main sponsor “Abanca”. Paniagua said that “talking about A Coruña is talking about rink hockey” and that there is no doubt that “we are going to attend a great Championship in the city”. Mr. Paniagua also reminded that this European Championship will qualify the teams for the World Roller Games Barcelona 2019.
At the end of the presentation, Mr. Fernando Graça spoke and thanked all the entities involved in the Championship, pointing out that “in a total of 12 nations that are inscribed in the Europe Confederation for the practice of rink-hockey, 11 teams will compete in the European Championship that will be, for sure, a huge success. Only Israel is missing because it didn’t get the financial support needed to guarantee its presence in Galicia”.

Photo by RFEP