Barcelos will host the Final Four of the Continental Cup 2018

The Portuguese city of Barcelos will host the Final Four of Continental Cup on September 29 and 30.
The only one proposal was arrived by the portuguese club Oquei “Club Barcelos” and WSEuropeRink accepts it. This is the second organization of a final four after the Cers Cup’s Final Four in 2015-16 season.

Two Spanish and two Portuguese teams will participate in the first european event of the  season, on the Pavilhao Municipal de Barcelos. Barcelona as winner of Euroleague 2017-18, FC Porto as finalist of Euroleague 2017-18, CE Lleida Lista as winner of Cers Cup 2017-18 and OC Barcelos as finalist of Cers Cup 2017-18.

The semifinals are scheduled on Saturday, September 29 and are:
CE Lleida Llista (SP) vs FC Porto (PT)
FC Barcelos (SP) vs OC Barcelos (PT)
The Final will be played on Sunday, September 30.
The timing of each match will be defined during the next days.
Every match of the Final Four of Continental Cup will be broadcast live on CERS-RINKHOCKEY.TV (CERHTV)



An official.communication will be published in next hours.