Spain and Italy in the top of the standing with 9 points. Tomorrow the direct match for 1st position.

A solid victory of Italy against Portugal for 6-2, has cutted the unbentean home team. Spain and Italy has taken the first position with 9 points and tomorrow it will be played the decisive match for the first position (at 20.00 h CET). In the other matches of the day, Germany defeated Switzerland for 6 to 4 and now the Germans has reached the fourth place. Switzerland-Portugal will be the last match of the day (h 21.00 PT), England-Germany the first (h 17.00 PT).

SWITZERLAND – GERMANY = 4-6 (1-2, 2-4)
Switzerland: Blochlinger, Althaus (1), Wittwer (1), Boll (2), Loye – Schuler, Meier, Schmid, Walther – Coach Simons
Germany: Mensah, Ober (2), Morovic, Borkei (2), THiel (1) – Koch (1), Jachtmann, Dobbratz, Cuntz, Brandt – Coach Wahlen
Referees: Fronte (IT), Leao (PT)
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Germany won 6 to 4 against Switzerland, in first face-to-face for the positions after the third. Switzerland started better, but Germany has reversed the match in the second part of first period with the goals of Borkei and Ober. Decisive break in the second period thanks to the goal of Ober and then of Borkei. Switzerland failed 3 direct shots, but score the latest with Althaus, that reopen the match. Switzerland grow in the final 10 minutes but probably was too late. Germany took the first victory and have now the best change to play the final of 3th-4th place.

SPAIN – ENGLAND = 14-1 (5-0, 9-1)
Spain: Ferrer, Gamissans (1), Joseph (2), Molas (3), Ricart (1) – Domenech, Grau (1), Manrubia (5), Pujadas (1), Anglas – Coach Macia
England: Roberts, Sekyi, Norris, Mills, Norton – Oldroyd, O’Donovan, Daly, Horn (1), Hayward – Coach Amaral
Referees: Teixeira (PT), Eggimann (CH)
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As yesterday, England tried to steam the spanish attacks. But Spain with a great solidity in every transition scored 14 goals. England scored only one goal with Joshua Horn. Instead for Spain scored 5 goals, Pol Manrubia new best scorer of the EuroU20 with 9. 3 goals also per Molas, 2 for Joseph.  

PORTUGAL – ITALY = 1-6 (0-1, 1-5)
Portugal: Edo, Ramos, Pereira, Lima, Santos (1) – Trabulo (1) Melo, Neves, Neto, Mendes – Coach Ferrao
Italy: Zampoli, Galimberti (1), Compagno (2), Nadini (2), Ehimi (1) – Rosi, Mattugini, Lazzarotto, Ardit, Bertozzi – Coach Mariotti
Referees: Melero (SP), Nestroy (DE)
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In the first match of the “big three”, Italy won against Portugal with an impressive 6 to 2. Nadini scored the first for the italians in the first half. Portugal tried to reply but the italian goalkeeper save three huge attacks and a penalty shot. In the second half Portugal seemed to return in the match but Italy scored again with 2 centers (Nadini and Compagno) in 2 minutes that changed totally the game. Portugal lost their defence strenght and Italy grew his score until the 5 to 0. Portugal failed 2 penalty shots, too. In the last minutes Portugal scored two goals with Santos and Trabulo, but Italy taked the three points and followed in the first place of the standing the Spanish team. Tomorrow another a big match for Italy: the opposite team is Spain. In the latest Euro-match they drawn 1-1 in 2014 (Roja won in overtime goal), but in World Championship Spain won 5-2.

Spain 9 points (+29 goal average), Italy 9 points (+23), Portugal 6 points (+21), Germany 3 (-12), Switzerland 0 (-22), England 0 (-39)

Santos (Portugal) 8 goals, Compagno (Italy) 8 goals, Manrubia (Spain) 8 goals.